Undoubtedly the most widely known use of CCTV, is in security systems for businesses, public buildings – schools, colleges, hospitals – and other applications such as: shops, banks, offices and homes where surveillance is required. The potential for usage is, however, almost limitless.

MD5 Solutions can provide a wide selection of CCTV systems, delivering high quality video, tailor-made to suit every requirement, while addressing budget considerations.

Installed by trained MD5 Solutions personnel, every CCTV system is sited with an eye on how it can best be utilized to achieve maximum coverage, and so deliver the optimum benefits to both the user, and to the facility covered.

CCTV including fully functional camera’s are also able to be viewed and operated remotely, either from a personal computer or professional monitoring centre. Combined with public address and external detection, this can often alter the need for on site security personnel to give 24 hour cover 360 days a year. Contact MD5 Solutions Sales for further information.


MD5 Solutions design, install and maintain various levels of video surveillance solutions to suit all SOR’s; Enterprise systems which are virtualized and are capable or managing thousands of IP cameras, to medium and smaller systems which can be co-located on physical hardware and storage servers with video surveillance software.


MD5 Solutions offers best-of-breed video surveillance software to meet a wide range of specific operational applications. Whether it is video management or PSIM software that permits the integration of multiple sub-systems with video surveillance, MD5 Solutions offers the correct solution to meet any operational requirement.


Camera technology is critical to any video surveillance deployment. MD5 Solutions offers a large portfolio of IP HD and Thermal Imaging solutions that will meet any requirement. All technologies are bench-tested at the MD5 Solutions Head Office to assess suitability and application.


Video analytics is becoming more frequently deployed to complement, or in some cases replace, traditional detection systems. MD5 Solutions video analytics perimeter protection or facial recognition systems, will provide an automated and precise analysis of an environment that will aid detection rates and eliminate human error.